Ben10 the galactic enemies

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Game title: Ben10 the galactic enemies

Game description: Fight the enemies of the galaxy

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Ben10 the galactic enemies

ben10-the-galactic-enemies is game title
Category: Action Games
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About Bin10

When Ben discovers tens of age-old 10 years time mysterious, it acquires the ability to shift many of the various space objects, each of which possesses scary power. Ben realizes that he must use this power to help others and to address the bad guys, but that does not mean to be hurtful people enjoy miraculous strength from now on.

Game instructions

Ben10 the galactic enemies is an action game.

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How to use the Keyboard in the game

Use left and right arrow keys to move. Press spacebar to attack. Use shift to block. Click ctrl key to switch form.








If attacked more enemies, do not give up easily.

Let’s start fighting now!

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