Game report about Titanfall 2

Game report about Titanfall 2

game-report-about-titanfall-2 In the game Titanfall 2 the possibility of playing individually and collectively, with the development team to develop the game to play it collectively and weapons development to modern weapons.





The game features

Respawn has added many details to make the game more exciting you will see those tangled forests and dinosaurs and lots of devastating weapons for planets to produce the mix at the end of an extraordinary experience in this open world


The best in the  game-report-about-titanfall-2

Mechanical and distinctive game for the Giants mechanism that shows a lot of times you will not feel more streamlined problems and lack of a logical move by the Giants.


Game Story

The story looks of the pictures and videos of the game play, which is the focus of the war waged by the Giants robots and pilots, drivers of these giants in the face of the rebels and the army of occupation IMC.

Shows relationship that develops between the pilot and its automated where those with artificial intelligence capable of feeling some machines.


Fighting and artificial intelligence

For fighting the Respawn good job The quality of the fighting where you will find artificial intelligence when determining the difficulty (Hard) a good deal of intelligence and a challenge, but it is not enough smart when doing by running on the walls like the way the Matrix and the shooting numbers from any direction.


game-report-about-titanfall-2  weapons

Respawn I’ve built a lot of weapons, including:

Sniper rifle stylish double-barreled

Bombers lenses

Magnetic bombs

Rocket launchers

All of which will be fantastic for fans to use weapons.

As for the Giants or Titans they are much delay pilots in motion, but in return they have a stronger and more powerful weapons.











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