Game style of Far cry primal game

Game style of Far cry primal game

This  is totally different from the game series but still retains some ideas and gameplay is easy and graining of the players.

Type of weapons

the first person who has his weapon only shows perspective, you will not find the chain does not rely on firearms, which It is easy shooting and fighting in the battles.


weapons far cry primal


Voslank in the game will depend on the manufacturing of environment resources so that made spears paint from wood or Albulth or a bow and arrow and is manufactured with wood, stones and animal bones.

Quantity weapons

Weapons in the game are all enforceable and has specific amounts there is nothing permanent so you will have to maintain the weapons and resources and the search for them.

Method of use weapons

Valbulth You hurled at enemies remotely or spears pointed.
You can throw at the enemy from a distance, by small point so that it can be aimed at the enemy easily.

How to get weapons?

Do not worry you will not get lost these weapons you can get it back from the body.
you will .

A ways of fighting

a method of killing by stealth so that to kill him with a sharp knife.
there is also torching system stones and you can ignite the torch and fight them to burn enemies.

Benefit of flames

it comes flames system because of environmental interaction and cycle of day and night.
so that you will have to light fires at night to see or to fight the predators away from you.

Search for foods

you will have to search for food after the effort and fight.
feed yourself even improve your health, this time will not heal autonomously.
but you handle yourself with food of fish or animals

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